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Friday, April 15, 2016

Review: Fashion House: Illustrated Interiors from the Icons of Style by Megan Hess

I am normally not someone that buys books solely for the illustrations in them, but when I saw Megan Hess's Fashion House I liked the illustrations so much I just could not resist getting this book.
I was not familiar with Megan Hess previously, but I do like both fashion and interior design, and she combines both those things beautifully in this book, so I knew it was a book I had to have!

(I am afraid the photos I took of the book on my kitchen table with my phone really do not do it justice!)
I am not sure the book is really useful (although I did get some ideas from it!) but if you love fashion you will definitely recognize a lot of things, and the attention to detail is really impressive.
I loved this book and it actually got me thinking:
1. Maybe I should get books just for the illustrations more often?
2. That I should check out more of Megan Hess's work. (Luckily, I just found her website, so that should not be too hard!)
So while this book is not my usual style, I am definitely glad I made an exception for it and got it!

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