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Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: How to Dress for Success by Edith Head and Joe Hyams

I got this book at the magnificent book store Shakespeare and Company in Paris, the first English book store on the continent (very highly recommended for all book lovers, if you go to Paris, you simply have to go there!) on a recent trip to Paris. And just like Paris, this book is a true classic. It's written by the legendary Edith Head, the costume designer who won 8 Oscars in total and dressed legends such as Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and many others, so she knew a thing or two about style as well as fashion. And luckily, she had a chance to share some of her wisdom with the rest of us in this book!
I really liked this book, which may seem a bit weird to some, since the book was originally published in 1967, but a lot of the advice in this book is truly timeless. So I find a lot of it still makes sense in a lot of ways, and is really useful to read.
The illustrations in the book may seem a bit kitschy to some today, but I quite liked those as well.
So if you are looking for a truly timeless style book, this may be what you are looking for!

The book is rather small though, so it's not the best coffee table book out there, but quite cute, and as I said, a really nice read, so I would still recommend getting it. But as an actual book, not a coffee table one!

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  1. I have been purchasing and reading how to dress books and did not know this one existed... thank for for the heads up.